Cocktail avocado and spearmint sorbet


For the Cocktail
• 40 g avocado puree
• 30 ml orange juice
• 10 ml of ginger syrup
• 5 ml of lime juice
• 2-3 leaves of spearmint
• some fresh chili
• ice

For the spearmint sorbet preparation
• 100 g of sugar
• 50 ml of water
• 15 g of spearmint leaves

For the sorbet foam
• 20 g of spearmint leaves
• water

  1. Smash the avocado until it becomes puree and add some ice.
  2. In a saucepan, boil water with sugar. Once boiled, remove from fire and add the spearmint leaves. Cover it for 15 minutes and then strain it. Place it in the freezer and leave it for a few hours until it becomes sorbet. Do the same procedure for ginger syrup, cutting a few slices in the syrup, but do not put it in the freezer.
  3. Put in a pot water to boil. Blanch the spearmint leaves in water and then freeze them in cold water. After you have mashed them with plenty of cold water, add 2 tablespoons of the water that you have blanched the leaves. The spearmint foam is ready.
  4. In a shaker put the puree, the ginger syrup, the orange and lemon juice, the spearmint leaves and the chili. Shake them with ice. Then fill your cocktail glass with spearmint sorbet and strain the cocktail in the glass. With a blender, tap until foam is formed and pour on top. Decorate with a few leaves of spearmint.