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The avocado: Beneficial Attributes and Varieties

  The comprehensiveness in fat of the avocado reaches the amount of 88%, making it be a unique nut as it is the very only one which contains fats. Yet, this fat is related to monounsaturated fat acids, and the one which domains is the olive-oil acid. Furthermore, it a source of vitamin E, potassium and herbal fibers. However, the fact that it is so rich in fat renders it as rather calorific. A great number of researchers have examined the effects of this greasy fruit on our health, being driven by its very special formation. Let's have a closer inspection to their conclusions...


Shield against cancer.

According to recent publication[2007] of the scientific magazine Seminars of Cancer Biology, the avocado is highly effective against cancer. Its effectiveness is attributed to not only its monounsaturated greasy acids but also its precious carotenoids [ lutein, zeaxanthin, a,b carotene] as well as to its high levels of antioxidant vitamin E. What is more, some research, which was published in the scientific magazine Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry three years ago, has shown that th extract of avocado, which contains all the substances mentioned above, prevents the development of cancerous cells of the prostate.

Benevolent for the heart...

Numerous researches have indicated that the monounsaturated greasy acids serve a protection for the heart, therefore, the American Cardiology Incorporation recommends that people consume the foods that contain this acids. Except for that, an other research which was conducted related to the monounsaturated greasy acids of the avocado, has shown that a diet which is rich in avocado can contribute to the minimizing of the vegan ism, as well as the 'bad' cholesterol [LDL], and to the increasing of the 'good' cholesterol [HDL]. The above research was published in the scientific magazine Archives of Medical Research [ 1996]. The avocado is also rich in calcium, which is an electrolyte that contributes to the regulation of the artery blood pressure. The FDA of the U.S.A. claims that the consumption of foods rich in calcium and poor in sodium minimizes the possibilities of being affected by high blood pressure and apoplexy. The beneficial effects of the avocado on the heart vessels is fortified by the fact that it contains fol ate acid and vitamin E, which have been correlated with the minimized danger of being affected by cordial ailments.


 ... is anti-inflammatory too!

According to a publication of the scientific magazine Arthritis Research Therapies [2006], it was found that some greasy elements of the avocado have got anti-inflammatory effects that curb the pain to those suffering from bone-arthritis. Yet, this field demands for further investigation.