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Varieties of Avocados - Creta Star 


Avocado FuerteFUERTE

It is a kind of exceptional quality nut, which is smooth and of pear shape, of green colour, and it is comprehensive in oil[ 26%]. Its main sizes vary from cal 12[300-371] to cal 22[ 165-196]. They flourish from November to April.



It has got a nut of exceptional taste, rasping, of oval shape, of green colour which during its maturity turns into deep purple, and of weight cal 14[258-313] up to cal 24[ 151-175] and comprehensiveness in oil 18-25%. They flourish during March until July.

Avocado EttingerETTINGER

It is a smooth nut, of oval shape, light green colour, of weight cal 12[300-371] up to cal 22[165-196]. The time they flourish is from November to December.


Avocado BaconBACON

It is a smooth nut, of round shape, dark green colour, weight-cal 12[ 300-372] up to cal 22[ 165- 196gr]. The time they thrive is from November to February.


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