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Sea bass with avocado risotto

Sea bass with avocado risotto


Ingredients for 2 people

Sea bass with avocado risotto2 sea bass fillets
3 avocados
2 Florina's bell peppers
150gr rice for the risotto
half onion
100gr cooking cream
a glass of dry, white wine
chicken gravy
grated parmesan cheese
potatoe chips with paprika
lemon juice


Spice the fish covering it with fine slices of avocado, bundle it up with plastic wrap and put in it the fridge. Make an English whipped cream and stir it with a mashed avocado. Spice again and add some lemon juice. Stir 50gr of butter with an avocado. Then, make the chips. Saute the onion with little butter and then add the rice -after sauting it snuff it with the wine. Add gradually the gravy, then add the avocado butter, little cooking cream and the parmesan cheese. Fry the fish in both sides on a nonstick paper. Fill in the bell peppers with the risotto and make small millefeuille with the chips and the mousse. Snuff the fish with the juice of a half lemon.