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Varieties of Tangerines – Creta Star



This is the traditional variety of tangerine in Crete. It is of medium size and it can be peeled quite easily; it also has a rather rich, juicy and sweet flavor. This variety is available from the early January until the end of February.


The cultivation of the variety organic Nova, increasing year by year in Crete. This medium size fruit, often semi-circular and with reddish skin that is easily peeled. The flesh is dark orange and juicy with a rich sweet flavor. This variety is available from January to February.


Εμπόριο Βιολογικών ΠορτοκαλιώνΕμπόριο Βιολογικών ΑβοκάντοΕμπόριο Βιολογικών Γκρέιπ Φρουτ