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Varieties of Organic Oranges - Creta Star


Navel Organic Oranges (Merlin)ORGANIC NAVEL (MERLIN)

This is a kind of orange with a big nut, of round shape, bright orange colour, juicy pulp seed, with exceptional fragrance and of medium thickness peel. It is quite solid in transportation and storage, it is cleared easily, and it is distinguished for its unique taste. This kind of oranges is prosperous from the middle of December until the middle of May. The advantage of Navel Oranges is the great solidity in transportation and storage.


Organic Valencia OrangesORGANIC VALENCIA

This is a kind of orange of medium size nut, of round shape, orange colour and rather juicy pulp, either seed or with little seed, with unique fragrance and thin peel. It is solid in transportation and storage and it is prosperous from mid- April until the end of July.



This is a recent variety of oranges that made its appearance in the fruit production of Chania in the last 5 years. This kind of orange has got a big nut of round shape, with juicy pulp seed, of unique fragrance and of medium thickness peel. It also distinguishes for its exceptional taste. It is also solid in transportation and storage. It is prosperous from March until the mid-May. 

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