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Avocado Cannelloni

Avocado Cannelloni


Ingredients for the cannelloni

Avocado Cannelloni 2 noodle leaves
3 avocados
8 black olive oils[ non-vinegar]
sun dried tomato
half Florina's bell pepper


1 slice of bacon
lemon juice
a little trimmed ginger
100gr cooking cream
half onion[ a small one]
olive oil, salt, pepper
a little parsley


Boil the noodles. Then freeze then and smear them with a little oil. Dissect the avocado in cubes and put them in a bowl. Add the chopped, Florina's bell pepper, the olives without the pip, a little lemon juice, some ginger and some parsley. Spice and add some olive oil. Fill in the noodles and roll them to make them cannelloni. For the sauce, add the chopped onion, spice a little and add the chopped avocado. Add the cooking cream until it boils a little. Smash it in an other frying pan, saute the chopped bacon and add the sauce. Heat the cannelloni a little for 4-5 min in 180°degrees and serve them pouring the sauce.