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Orange Millefeuille

Orange Millefeuille


Orange MillefeuilleIngredients for 2 people

flaky pastry
powdered sugar
3 eggs' yolk
100gr cooking cream
100gr milk
orange juice[ 1 orange]
shaving of an orange
70gr sugar


30gr flour
30gr pudding powder cream
2 gelatin leaves
1 orange
100 gr unsweetened whipped cream


Bake the pastry between two tablets with two non-stick papers at 180°degrees. When it is almost ready, take off one tablet, frost the powdered sugar and put it again in the oven in order to caramel the crust. In a pot, mix the the cream, the milk, half of the sugar, the orange juice and the shaving of the orange. Stir all the ingredients until they boil a little. In a bowl, stir the yolks and half of the sugar, add the flour and then the pudding powder cream. Add in the bowl all the liquid- ingredients and stir. Then put the mixture on fire again stir for approximately 2 minutes until the cream has blended. Cool it down in the mixer, and before it cools down, add the gelatine leaves,after having drenched and drained them. When the cream cools down, stir the unsweetened whipped cream and put it in the fridge. Garnish the millefeuille and add some pieces of fresh orange. Make 3 toppings and in the end pour around with little melting glace.