Cretan Mythos Avalin Organic Avocado Oil Synergatiki S.A.: Trade and Eports of Citrus
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Trade period and Exports of Synergatiki S.A.



The commercial period of the conventional products of CRETA STAR begins in November and lasts until July. The peak time for the navel oranges (Merlins), which consist the prime kind of oranges that are being produced in Crete, starts at the end of November and lasts until April. The variety of grapefruits are available all round this time, yet the tangerines are available from January to March. The avocado availability- zoutano variety- is estimated at around November; later on from December to March the fuerte variety follows, and, last but not least, the variety of Has is promoted from March to June.


The commercial period of the organic products of CRETA STAR begins in December and lasts until June. The organic products of CRETA STAR are already promoted in many European countries such as in Denmark, Holland, Germany as well as England. Their excellent quality and the fact that there is great demand for them, have provided the producers with prospects for even more advanced distribution means, not only to the aforementioned countries but also to other European countries.


The products of the enterprise are carried in the domestic market as well as in many European countries such as Holland, Denmark, England, Poland, Germany, Sweden, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Albania, Dubai, Lithuania, Austria and Jordan.



Table of Trade period od Syneratiki S.A.