Trading Period & Exports

Trading Period for Convectional Products

The trading period for the conventional products of Creta Star begins in November and lasts until July. The main variety of oranges cultivated in Crete is Navel, starting around the end of November and lasting until April.

Grapefruit varieties are available throughout the trading period, while mandarins are available from December to March.
The avocado trading season begins with the Zoutano variety in November, continues with the Fuerte variety, which lasts from December to March and ends with the Hass variety available from February to June.

Trading Period for Organic Products

For the organic products of Creta Star, the trading period begins in December and lasts until June. The organic products of Creta Star are already available in many European countries, including Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and UK.
The excellent quality of the products in conjunction with their high demand, create high prospects for even better distribution, not only in the countries mentioned above, but also across Europe.

Domestic Market & Exports

Creta Star products are available at Vassilopoulos and Sklavenitis stores. In addition to the domestic market, they also expand internationally through partnerships in foreign countries such as the Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Albania, Bulgaria, Dubai, Lithuania, and Jordan.